Iryna Karpova is an architect and designer of jewellery art, a Full Chevalier of Orders of the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation. Iryna is the founder of a stylistic direction in jewellery Romantic Avant-Garde. For many years Irina has been working on evolution of traditions, restoring ancient techniques and delicately entwining them into the aesthetics of modern jewels. As a result, she has established a jewellery practice school based on a number of unique artistic and technical devices. Since 1990 Iryna Karpova took part in more than 20 exhibitions in Ukraine, France, USA, Monaco, United Kingdom. "Karpov&Karpova Jewellery" is a unique creative alliance, suprisingly able to combine traditions and modernity, developing several production lines in the same time: fundamental jewellery compositions, jewellery interior and office sculptures, precious enamels, jewellery miniatures, family jewels and family collections, theme collections.

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Brooches and other

18K Gold, 2 diamonds (0,03 ct.), hot enamels, ebony ...

18K gold, 140 ct polychrome topaz, collector’s piece of ...

18K Gold, 18 diamonds (0.31 ct), amber weight – 51,32 g.

18K Gold, 28 diamonds (1.07 ct), amber weight – 91,76 g.

18K Gold, 28 diamonds (0.97 ct), amber weight – 48,18 g.

18K Gold, 76 diamonds (1,34 ct), 48 black diamonds (0,67 ...

18K Gold, 56 diamonds (1,25 ct.), amber weight – 65,61 g.