The aim of this project is to rethink once again the bygone era, created during bloody wars and revolutions, in the destruction of age-old values and falling into extremes. The era in which almost three generations of people of our country grew up counting themselves as continuers of the cause of the "leader of the revolution." Presented "Socialist Realism" paintings of the 60-70s , where the main character is "Lenin", were changed by contemporary young artists. Their vision is not "banter" and "jokes" on the personality and era of socialism, but an attempt to deal with the substitutions of concepts and phenomena in our history. Illusions and hidden realities are so similar that it is quite difficult to sort out the category "to be" or "to seem". Over the millennia of the existence of a reasonable person, the atmosphere in the world has changed many times - some cultures have replaced others, entire civilizations have disappeared and new ones have appeared - and the only thing that remains unchanged is the existence of an institution of power. Starting from the Sumerians and up to now - everything is obeyed to one person or group of people who decide our future, present and even past. The project "mausoleum renaissance" is a kind of attempt to identify this image. How do we imagine the power, what images or symbols are embedded in this concept, how we represent it with visual signs and what associations or emotions does this institution cause in our country? Authors give their own answers to all this questions and invite to artistic discussion. Everyone aspires to power, and after receiving it, continues existing games of "thrones" or comes up with their own. The famous game of the elite of world leaders - the "world government", around which various theories and legends loomed, has been holding the whole world in alarming suspense for several centuries. The so-called science, conspiracy, at one time began to study and explain the world conspiracy. Here is the Bilderbergsky group, and Masons, and the Order of the Knights Templar, was not without the FBI and the CIA. At one time, even Karl Marx put forward such a theory, although it concerned the economy, but it causes a strong distrust of any powerful political or even religious structures among the ordinary population. "Mausoleum Renaissance" is an opportunity to look back and in a new vein, through the prism of our modern, look at the past era. The project involves both well-known and young artists, such as the conceptualist Leonid Voitsekhov, the representative of the Odessa trans-avant-garde Dmitry Dulfan and many other Ukrainian artists from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Uzhgorod. The project of the "mausoleum renaissance" is, on the one hand, farewell to Lenin like to the previous era, like to the man who managed to destroy a huge empire and destroy the Tsar's family, on the other, it’s an attempt to raise the "taboo" in the matter of carrying the body of the "leader" mausoleum, a question that is very sharply discussed in the Russian media and covers a very large number of people who are not indifferent to this issue in Russia and Ukraine.

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Mausoleum Renaissance

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