Babchinskiy Andrew

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Andrew Babchinskiy was born in 1980 in Odessa. In 2003 he graduated from the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture (Faculty of Architecture). Since 2000 began architectural activity. Personally designed and participated in more than 40 architectural projects, some of which were awarded prizes. Since 2009 - Member of the Experimental Centre of Contemporary Art "Tea Factory". Exhibitions: 2008 - Museum of Contemporary Art "Odessa 2008", Festival «jpeg» (Odessa); 2009 - "90 years of the Odessa Film Studio - 25 hours.", Personal exhibition, Gallery "27" (Odessa), Gallery "Grow Up" (Odessa); 2010 - Participation in the project "Creative Cities of Ukraine"; 2012 - "Good Bye Vova", gallery "Victory Gardens" (Odessa), "Renaissance mausoleum", gallery "I am Grether" (Kiev).