Prokopenko Nikolay

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Nikolay Prokopenko - a brilliant representative of the South Russian school of painting. He was born in the village of Limanskoe near Odessa (1945). In 1971 he graduated from GOAC and in 1977 from KAI. He has been a member of NUAU since 1988. He is an Honored Artist of Ukraine. He takes part in regional, All-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. His works are kept in prestigious museums in Ukraine,Germany,France,USA,in different private collections. Painting Prokopenko individual and recognizable : always bright, sensuous color, powerful sound of pure colors - red, bronze, emerald. The artist creates a framework of modern art, but the source of his inspiration - an ancient call, a sense of his native land. The main theme of the master - a powerful reflection of the life principle, which he derives from his native culture. Participated in 234 exhibitions.